Hearing loss can be aggravating, especially when the cost of treatment is factored in. Hearing devices are a lifesaver for many people who suffer from hearing loss, but the costs can be prohibitive for some. Navigating Medicare coverage options might be difficult for people on the programme. Here’s all you need to know about Medicare coverage and hearing aids.

Original Medicare & Hearing Aid Coverage

Also known as “Original Medicare,” Medicare Part B is often the first place those with Medicare coverage turn to address their hearing loss concerns. What you might be surprised to learn is that Medicare Part B coverage doesn’t cover hearing aids. 

Strictly speaking, Medicare Part B coverage is in place only to cover any medically necessary service that is required in order to treat an active medical condition. Unfortunately, that means they will not cover the hearing aid devices you need, nor the doctor visits required for a proper hearing aid fitting. 

There is some good news, though. Medicare Part B coverage does cover the diagnostic hearing tests you will need in order to get your hearing aids. Your doctor will need to recommend a diagnostic hearing test for diagnosis and you will still be responsible for about 20% of the cost out-of-pocket. If you have the hearing test done at a hospital, you may also be required to pay a hospital copay.